Huguenot silk weavers and the age of elegance

The 18th century is often described as the age of elegance – in dress, etiquette, furniture, ceramics and silver. And the Huguenot craftsmen – goldsmiths, silk weavers, designers played a [More…]

Visit to Hampton Court Palace

The Art of Snow & Ice: how artists transformed the winter landscape

The Art of Snow and Ice: how artists transformed the winter landscape The bleak midwinter held little appeal to the artist for many centuries until Bruegel’s Hunters in the Snow. [More…]

The Mortlake Tapestries

Enjoying a relatively brief existence, the tapestry manufactory was set up in 1619 by James I and supported by the patronage of Charles I. In its heyday, lavish sums were [More…]

Huguenot Festival

The wonderful, long-overdue Huguenot Festival,8-21 April, centres on Spitalfields. This year is the 250 anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Garthwaite, the outstanding English designer of patterned silks.  In [More…]

Sandys Row Synagogue, Spitalfields

The only Ashkenazi synagogue left in Spitalfields and what a gem! Hidden away in Sandys Row, in the heart of Spitalfield, this 18C building was built for the Calvinist Huguenots, [More…]