My job gives me the privilege of being out and about every day in London.

Whether leading a walk, visiting a museum or gallery, or just enjoying the city's bustle or its quiet spaces, there's always something new to see, something interesting going on.

In my blog, I seek to reflect the ever-changing patterns of life in the greatest City on Earth!

More quirky facts about Kew Gardens

Did you know that the seemingly delicate and intricate giant lily is so buoyant it can support a small child

Visit to Hampton Court Palace

Sandys Row Synagogue, Spitalfields

The only Ashkenazi synagogue left in Spitalfields and what a gem! Hidden away in Sandys Row, in the heart of Spitalfield, this 18C building was built for the Calvinist Huguenots, [More…]

The Lost World of the River Fleet walk

Deep beneath our feet, London’s ‘lost rivers’ still flow….unseen but making their presence known above ground in many ways. Street names – which not only tell us where the river [More…]

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To take part… I guide the walks listed here in conjunction with London Walks®. Scroll down the centre column to see all future walks by date. Click the title links [More…]

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“How to be a London Blue Badge guide” Article, published in the Daily Telegraph in November 2011, on the origins of the Blue Badge, the selection and training process, and [More…]

The Development of London

The Development of London This is a series of lectures which explore the development of London from when it was first settled by the Romans two thousand years ago to [More…]