My job gives me the privilege of being out and about every day in London.

Whether leading a walk, visiting a museum or gallery, or just enjoying the city's bustle or its quiet spaces, there's always something new to see, something interesting going on.

In my blog, I seek to reflect the ever-changing patterns of life in the greatest City on Earth!

The Lost World of the River Fleet walk

Deep beneath our feet, London’s ‘lost rivers’ still flow….unseen but making their presence known above ground in many ways. Street names – which not only tell us where the river flowed but about the activities that went on on its banks and about the people who dwelt there. It is possible to follow the river Fleet all the way from its source on Hampstead Heath to Blackfriars just by paying attention to all these clues – and without having to use a map.

I lead a walk that follows its course upstream to Clerkenwell and back to the mouth of the river at Blackfriars. Learn how its story and its downfall is truly reflected in the behaviour of the Londoners who lived on its banks. This is one of the most fascinating London walks because all the clues are there but so often overlooked……


  • Getting to Grips with the National Gallery
  • I run a course at the National Gallery, called Getting to Grips with the National Gallery. For the next proposed dates and details of how to enrol, please, contact me by email or or telephone. Click on each title for information about what we cover on the course.

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