No Sex Please We’re British: Delicious and Malicious!

Bonking London Walk with Blue Badge Guide Sue JacksonThis walk deals with the seamier side of London – something that most of us find riveting! The ‘oldest profession’ is very much in evidence through most of London’s history, and in the 18C it has been estimated that one in every five women was connected with prostitution one way or another! We unveil the scandalous behaviour of our forebears in Parliament through to the licentiousness of royalty at Whitehall Palace, the unspeakable indulgences of St James’s where the ‘nunneries’ flourished and all tastes were catered for. On to the ‘street of midnight adventure’ of the 19th century Haymarket, to the lurid activities of 20th century Soho.

After that a stiff drink may be called for…

This walk is not on my Winter 2016/17 schedule.

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