Secret Islands of Green: the hidden gardens of the City of London

City of London gardens walk with London Blue Badge Guide Sue JacksonAt first glance, the City appears to be entirely of stone, brick, glass and steel. But not so. Packed into the Square Mile – behind that unnoticed door, round a corner, within the old churchyards, on top of the buildings, and in many tucked away corners, there are about 150 gardens and planted areas for our enjoyment. Our walk has a botanical content – so we will be examining some of the fruits and seeds in detail. What is the ‘tree of choice’ of the City? Why is there a delightful herb garden tucked into a Roman bastion, how did the lawn as we know it come into being, and what about the history of rose gardens? In St Paul’s Cathedral churchyard we’ll see the ‘religious’ planting – the Crown of Thorns bush, the Tree of Heaven. If we are lucky, we will see the Handkerchief tree in full delicate glory, and learn how it made its extraordinary journey to this country. The adventures of the 18C plant collectors leave you breathless. This walk really is an eye-opener – a whole new angle on the endless fascination of the City of London.

This walk is not on my Winter 2106/17 schedule.

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