Inside London’s Fashion Scene: Savile Row to Stella McCartney

London's Fashion Scene Walk with Sue JacksonOnce fashion was so simple. What colours, fabrics and trims you could wear was dictated by the Sumptuary Laws. Everyone knew where they were in the pecking order, and this ensured that people did not dress above their station!

Haute Couture was born in the late 19C with Charles Worth, ‘the father of Couture’. Born in England, but working in France, he was the first designer to produce his own designs which would be modelled live on the catwalk. His was the first ‘label’.

On this walk we take in Liberty’s, so influential in its art nouveau originality, still providing a platform and floor space for student designs. We gaze in at Vogue’s window display of covers which chart the changing role of fashion and women’s position in society, the choice of model and photographer – from the anonymous to today’s celebrities and filmstars. London is famous for its wearable street cred, its edginess and fun. We hear about the not-to-be-missed London Fashion Week, we go into Stella McCartney’s shop and Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label emporium. En-route we visit Savile Row, which came into its own with the new discretion and elegance of early 19C gentlemen’s attire. For two centuries world famous for its bespoke attire, court livery, and attention to detail, Savile Row is simply the unquestioned address for the well-dressed gentleman, be he royalty, film star or aristocrat.

This walk is not part of my Winter 2016/17 schedule.

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