The Olympic Park

The Olympic pool, LondonAhhhhh! It’s come at last. And we’re there. The Olympic Park is open. And we can go in. Take our groups in. Explore it. See it up close. Guide it. It’s the next best thing to a helicopter arrival with 007 and Her Majesty in the jump seat. Because the wonder if it is still there. There in the spiky white steel stadium. There in the glide and soar of the shiny aluminium Aquatic Centre. In ‘the Copper Box’. In the ArcelorMittal Orbit. In the whys and wherefores and back stories. In the neighbourhood’s pastscape and futurescape. In that astonishing panorama – like being out on a tether looking back at the London Milky Way. There where the Olympic Torch entered the home stretch – where we walk! N.B. you’ll need an Oyster or Travel Card for Zone 3 as we take a short DLR journey to the Olympic Village. It swooshes us into the Hi-tech station built specially for the Games, the station the athletes, officials and VIPs arrived at, the station built to take the ultra high speed and appropriately named Javelin trains!

This walk is not part of my winter 2016/17 schedule.


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