Some of the World’s greatest Museums await you…

London has some of the greatest museums in the world: the Victoria & Albert, the Science and National History Museums, as well as numerous smaller, specialist museums. Crowning them all is the museum that celebrates world history and culture, the British Museum.

The British Museum, Great Russell Street

Opening its doors in 1759, the British Museum celebrates historic civilisations from all over the world. Its vast collections allow the appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures in context, a unique advantage. Here is the Rosetta Stone, whose discovery finally allowed the deciphering of hieroglyphic and unlocked the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian world; here the Parthenon Marbles from the Temple to Athena on the Acropolis. See the Mummies, the Sumerian Great Burial Pit; the treasures of the Sutton Hoo burial ship, and the ravishing Lewis chessmen.


The Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road

This museum displays decorative arts from all over the world in, for example, the Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Indian and British Galleries. There are also galleries devoted to specific materials, such as silver, iron, wood and glass. Here also are the famous Raphael Cartoons, preparatory paintings for the Sistine Chapel tapestries; the Ardabil carpet, Tipoo’s Tiger, and the historical costumes gallery. And why not have lunch in the original arts and crafts dining rooms.


The Museum of London, London Wall

The museum tells the story of London and Londoners, from pre-history to the present day. Through its galleries which carry us through Roman Londinium, Anglo-Saxon Lundenburgh, the Mediaeval City under the Normans, we learn how Londoners were governed, traded, lived, played and worshipped. We experience the terror of the Great Plague and Fire, and see London rebuilt. And then the massive expansion of London: the development of the West End and the creation of Greater London in the 19th century. It is all here – how London grew from a small trading outpost to a World City.


The Museum in Docklands, West India Quay

Set in an early 19th century warehouse belonging to the West India Company, the Museum in Docklands evokes the story of the greatest and largest docks in the world. Here we learn about London’s historical role as the hub of world trade, the lives of the dockers, and experience the smells and squalor of the sailor shanty town. We learn about the slave trade, the great sailing ships, the extraordinary range of cargo that came into the port of London. And once outside the Museum, we are awed by what has replaced the docks, the soaring towers of Canary Wharf – in another way, the hub of global trading.


Images from London's museums

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