My job gives me the privilege of being out and about every day in London.

Whether leading a walk, visiting a museum or gallery, or just enjoying the city's bustle or its quiet spaces, there's always something new to see, something interesting going on.

In my blog, I seek to reflect the ever-changing patterns of life in the greatest City on Earth!

The Development of London

The Development of London

This is a series of lectures which explore the development of London from when it was first settled by the Romans two thousand years ago to the present day.

The lectures are an hour long but can be expanded up to two and half hours if required.

  • Roman London 50-410
  • Anglo-Saxon London 410-1066
  • Mediaeval London 1066-1485
  • Tudor London 1485-1603
  • Stuart London 1603-1714
  • Georgian London 1714-1837
  • Victorian London 1837-1901
  • Modern London 1901-2012

The emphasis can be adjusted to suit your society‚Äôs or organisations’s requirements, e.g. the focus could be on historical events, architecture, culture or a mixture. The chosen illlustrations will be of buildings/artefacts that still stand and can be seen, wherever possible. And of course the nature of the lecture(s) will be adjusted to take into account the prior level of knowledge of the group.


  • Sandys Row Synagogue, Spitalfields
  • The only Ashkenazi synagogue left in Spitalfields and what a gem! Hidden away in Sandys Row, in the heart of Spitalfield, this 18C building was built for the Calvinist Huguenots, [More…]